About Us

Who are we you may ask, and why did we want to start a salad business... because we are passionate about salads, healthy eating, and active lifestyles. We know how hard it is to eat healthy and have a balanced lifestyle while trying to get shit done and take over the world. 

With more and more employers providing lunches to their staff in the workplace, we want to ensure there is an option for everyones individual needs and dietary restrictions. Also- what helps productivity in the workplace? Healthy and happy employees! 

We are determined to provide the freshest produce, the most variety, and feature a different salad each week to make your salad game strong and never boring

We are just two entrepreneurs ready to take on the salad game and work alongside your kickass company to bring health, tech and food together, making healthy eating easier and better than ever! 

To learn more don't hesitate to reach out to us directly at info@quantumgreens.ca